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BMCI and EBRD support women’s entrepreneurship

BMCI presented its program of financial and technical support for women entrepreneurs, during a meeting organized around the theme “Financing the economy and promoting female entrepreneurship”, in partnership with the EBRD in the framework of the Women In Business program.

The program benefited from European Union funding granted under the European Initiative for Financial Inclusion. Through its partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), BMCI is helping to support the projects of the Women in Business program and organized a meeting on the theme “Financing the economy and promotion of women’s entrepreneurship”.

BMCI has brought together its entrepreneurial clients or those wishing to embark on entrepreneurship in order to present them the commercial offer allowing them to benefit from financial and technical support from Bank advisers and experts. This program is based on improving access to financing and know-how for women professionals and corporate executives.

In addition to the financial contribution, several services are available to them: A free online diagnostic tool designed to offer a personalized self-assessment, highlighting the strengths and opportunities of their business; medium-term business coaching and general advice, examining all aspects of a beneficiary enterprise so that it can develop a viable strategy for growth; entrepreneurial skills development training on specific topics, including starting and running a business; Sales and Marketing; online marketing; financial management… and networking in the form of mentoring and technical assistance sessions to support women entrepreneurs in preparing for the growth and scaling up of their businesses.

As a reminder, BMCI signed its partnership with the EBRD as part of the Women in Business program in September 2018. The EBRD has already rolled out the Women in Business program in 17 countries, in partnership with more than 30 local banks. The program’s approach is based on improving access to finance and know-how for women leaders in SMEs. A website, multilingual, dedicated to said program, is accessible from the address (http://www.ebrdwomeninbusiness.com/).

Moreover, in terms of diversity, the BNP Paribas Group has actively participated in the creation of a favorable environment for female entrepreneurship by setting up ambitious operations aimed at consolidating and intensifying the various initiatives of the bank in order to to help women in all stages of business creation. At the same time, BMCI follows a pro-active and committed parity policy, and in 2018 was able to record a rate of 52% of employees within the Bank; of which 39% are managers, 35% are members of the Executive Committee and 21% are members of the Supervisory Board.

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