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Boeing 737 Max: Companies Call for Compensation

Three Chinese airlines have made an official claim for compensation to Boeing after grounding and postponements of deliveries of 737 MAX, said Chinese public television CCTV.

It is China Southern, China Eastern and Air China had all asked to be compensated by the US manufacturer, says this source.

This request comes in to offset the cost of two air strikes in the midst of escalating trade war between the United States and China which was the first country in the world to order its carriers on March 11 to suspend flights of 737 MAX, for security reasons.

The first crash, which killed 157 people, involved an aircraft of this model operated by Ethiopian Airlines. The disaster came a little over five months after the plane crash of the Indonesian airline Lion Air, which killed 189 people. In both accidents, the aircraft anti-stall system MCAS was questioned. The world fleet of 737 MAX has been grounded since mid-March pending the necessary checks. On Saturday, Boeing admitted to having revised the simulator software to reproduce the flight conditions and with which the pilots are trained, recognizing for the first time defects related to the 737 MAX involved in two air disasters.

According to the aircraft manufacturer, the software used in the flight simulators was not able to reproduce certain flight conditions, including those that led to the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX.

The firm has indicated that it has now made corrections to the flight simulator software and has provided additional information to the system operators to ensure that the experience is representative of the different flight conditions, believing that the corrections will improve the training of pilots on simulator.

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