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Boeing: Cancellation of an order for 49 aircraft

Boeing seems to be living his toughest days following two fatal crashes of two of his 737 models in five months. The American manufacturer is losing more and more the confidence of the airlines.

Indeed, on Friday, Indonesian airline Garuda gave Boeing a serious snub by announcing the cancellation of an order for 49 Boeing 737 MAX 8s, the first confirmed contract cancellation for the aircraft manufacturer.

Earlier in March, another Indonesian airline, Lion Air, announced that it was postponing the delivery of four Boeing 737 MAX 8s, to recall that a copy of this aircraft belonging to Lion Air had fallen into the sea in October, causing the death of its 189 passengers.

The crash of the two aircraft seems to be the vector of crisis for the air manufacturer, pointed directly for his responsibility for air disasters. Despite the fact that we still do not know the “official” causes of the plane crash of Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing is the subject of several criticism for its model 737 MAX 8, and the reality does not come to settle things: in addition to two crashes, a plane of the same model had landed emergency last Friday in northern Russia, because of a malfunction of the engine.

These incidents may cost the aircraft manufacturer considerable financial losses, especially as the model is grounded by several airlines, and denies access to airspace in Australia and Singapore.

The cancellation of this contract by the Indonesian company also shows that it is not the media outlets of the CEO of Boeing that come to fix things. Dennis Muilenburg has spoken several times since the crash of the plane of the Ethiopian airline. On Monday, he once again spoke in a three-minute video and a written letter, Dennis Muilenburg again wants to reassure airlines and passengers about the company’s commitment to safety.

Based on the facts of the Lion Air Flight 610 accident and the emerging data of the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 accident, we are taking steps to fully ensure the safety of the 737 MAX, he said. “We also understand and regret the difficulties of our customers and passengers caused by the suspension of the flights of the fleet.”

However, the CEO did not mention the recent revelations of the American press. On Sunday, March 17, the Seattle Times revealed that the MCAS security control would have been delegated by the US Air Regulator to Boeing engineers himself. The same day, the Wall Street Journal reported the existence of a US Department of Transportation investigation into the conditions for MCAS certification by the notorious FAA (Federal Aviation Administration).

According to the newspaper, in the aftermath of the crash of the Ethiopian Airlines flight, at least one person involved in the development of the 737 MAX program would have been assigned by the US court to provide various documents. Is this the beginning of a real crisis at Boeing?

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