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Boeing: The 737 MAX’s anti-stall system update is ready

Boeing announced on Thursday, May 16, 2019, that the MCAS anti-stall system, implicated in the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines disasters that killed a total of 346 people, and the changes needed to pilots were ready.

“We have completed all test flights for engineering update (MCAS) and are now preparing for the final certification flight,” said CEO Dennis Muilenburg in a statement.

This information, which marks an important step for a return in service of this plane nailed to the ground since mid-March, made leap the action by 2,6%. The 737 MAX is the driving force behind the Chicago group’s sales.

Boeing claims to have completed more than 207 flight tests for a total of more than 360 hours with the modified 737 MAX and to have accompanied the changes with simulator tests.

This last point is important because countries like Canada require simulator pilots training while the US Federal Aviation Agency, the FAA, recommends only iPad tests.

The aircraft manufacturer says it has submitted all the elements on pilot training to civil aviation authorities in different countries as well as to airline customers.

A series of conference calls on the issue has been held with carriers around the globe, adds Boeing, who now says he’s waiting for the FAA’s decision to conduct the test flight determining for the modified 737 MAX certification.

The FAA, whose credibility has been called into question by the 737 MAX crisis, has not yet set a date and wants to ensure that all elements presented by Boeing are complete and meet its requirements, said an internal source.

Daniel Elwell, the interim head of the agency, however said Wednesday in front of US officials that the test flight could take place the “next week” or the following days.

It is likely that this flight will take place before May 23, when the FAA invited its foreign counterparts to explain how it went about certifying the new modified 737 MAX.

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