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Bolton calls on residents of the Tindouf camps to return

It seems that US national security adviser John Bolton is moving to destabilize the Sahara issue. This time he moved to the conditions of the Tindouf camps. He called for “the opportunity to return to the desert regions of men, women, old people and children in the camps.” At all in terms of the status quo, and everyone should move to solve the problem.

“The parties to the conflict must be pressured to make progress on the file,” Bolton said in statements to the New Yorker newspaper, which stressed the right of return to their homes in Tindouf camps. Conflict to break the conflict.

The American newspaper added in the same article that “the presence of a person like John Bolton in the vicinity of the American political decision, reinstated the movement to the file, after the deadlock between the parties to the conflict for more than 10 years,” Association of his presence and pressure round table held by Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the Polisario Front in Geneva during December.

“American policy is well known and the issue of pressure is normal,” said a professor of African affairs and international relations. “They have the concept of creative chaos and often push for conflict or explosion between parties to the conflict to force them to Dialogue and a solution to the problem.”

“There are two ways out of the issue, either to impose America’s perception of it, or to push towards chaos in a certain way, especially after American policy has moved to the logic of the sustainable chaos in many regions of the world, as in Somalia,” the professor said. Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq or Libya, where the reality of these countries does not bother the US administration, which is really scary.

The spokesman added that “Morocco has no objection to the visit of residents of Tindouf or return to its southern provinces, but under certain conditions,” pointing out that “the most important now is what will happen in the second round of negotiations, America has made positive signals during the past few days, UN Security Council”.

Regarding the positions of the American advisor, professor said that “Bolton is just an element and there are other elements within the American administration.” He called on the Moroccan diplomacy to act to show that the stalemate is linked to the Polisario Front and Algeria, and Rabat is ready for solutions, The government must prepare itself for that; solutions must be found for 40 or 50 detainees, at the level of housing, cultural and psychological integration.”

The professor said that “return is not easy, especially on the psychological level, it is necessary to move from the idea of ​​camp eyes to the city of Laayoune,” and called on the government to prepare plans and provide budgets for this.

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