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Bouknadel accident: “Bombardier-Spain” sows trouble

The Salé Court of First Instance, through President El Malki Hazim, interviewed all the witnesses in the Bouknadel derailment case. Recall that the tragedy of October 16 lasted the lives of seven people and made a hundred wounded. The trial of the train driver, Larbi Rich, should see its outcome soon.

The defense of the machinist who compared under arrest, in his plea regretted the absence of the company “Bombardier-Spain” or his legal representative that she considers as a stakeholder in this drama, because she had put in places the network signaling for the ONCF. Bombardier had provided a report that incriminated the driver of the train without more, leaving several areas of shadow according to the defense.

The latter took advantage of this vagueness to ask the court to disregard the report of the said company and asked for a more “objective” expertise. In addition, the defense strongly criticized the fact that the Spanish company does not have a known address in Morocco, despite the fact that it has concluded huge contracts, which was “unacceptable”.

The representative of the Public Prosecutor Rachid El Manjri confirmed that the court had sent several summonses to the Spanish company and its legal representative in Spain, but unfortunately no answer.

As a reminder, the public prosecutor’s office had charged the driver of the Bouknadel train with charges of homicide and unintentional injuries, offenses punishable under Articles 432 and 433 of the Penal Code. The speed of the train reached 158 km/h at the derailment site of the train at Bouknadel while it is limited to 60 km/h.

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