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Bouknadel accident: The train driver is free

The train driver who had derailed on October 16, between Kenitra and Bouknadel, is now free. He left prison on Thursday after serving his sentence. And it was with great emotion and immense joy that he was welcomed by his family and loved ones.

In a statement, the driver’s daughter was very happy to see her father go home after several months of absence. She also said that her father will spend some time in the countryside to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and “enjoy nature”.

The Salé Court of First Instance sentenced the train driver to 5 months and 5 days in prison. The hearing of the trial that took place Tuesday, March 26 went well, said one of the driver’s relatives. He added: “The judge asked the driver how many months he spent in detention. The latter replied: 5 months and 5 days”. The judge told him Wednesday that he will spend his last night in prison before joining his children.

For his part, the train driver’s lawyer, Chaouki Ajana, said the court’s decision on his release is unfair. “The judge was convinced that my client should be released. However, I intend to appeal this decision because he is simply innocent,” he said. “His condemnation is, moreover, unfair. I will first get the judgment device before moving on to the next step and appeal.”

Recall that the prosecution had charged the driver of the charges of homicide and unintentional injuries. “The investigation carried out by the Royal Military Police’s judicial police services concerning the derailment of the fast shuttle train connecting Rabat to Kenitra at the level of Bouknadel revealed that speeding reached 158 km/h at the accident site where the maximum speed is limited to 60 km/h, is the cause of the derailment of the train whose locomotive struck a bridge, causing seven deaths among the passengers of the train and 125 wounded”, announced the Attorney of the King at the Salé Court of First Instance in a statement.

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