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Bourita explains why Morocco did not receive MBS

Nasser Bourita said that Morocco’s position in the crisis between Saudi Arabia and its allies in Qatar is very clear. The Foreign Minister said that the Kingdom has chosen neutrality because of the strategic partnership relationship and the strong ties that binds it with the Gulf countries.

Guest of the show “Without Borders” on Al Jazeera, Bourita said that Morocco has an exceptional and special relationship with Saudi Arabia. He added that the Kingdom serves as an intermediary to help both parties find common ground.

Nasser Bourita also recalled that “King Mohammed VI moved on the spot at the beginning of the conflict to promote dialogue between the two countries”, while affirming that Rabat always tries to bring the points of view to solve these problems.

Regarding the fact that Morocco did not receive the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Ben Salman, during his tour, Bourita was clear. “Official visits are prepared in advance according to the protocols. This is perfectly normal,” concludes the Moroccan minister.

Recall that the torch burns between Saudi Arabia and Qatar since 2017. The Saudis accused the Qataris of encouraging and financing terrorist organizations and brotherhood of Muslim brothers. Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt have been quick to support the Saudi and have broken diplomatic ties with Qatar.

A year and a half after this conflict, will Morocco succeed in calming the spirits and put this crisis offside?

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