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Bouteflika’s message to the Algerian people

Despite several days of protests against his 5th term, Abdelaziz Bouteflika (or more precisely his campaign manager) has finally tabled this Sunday, his candidacy for the presidential election of April 18th.

And that’s not all. Candidate Bouteflika was keen to send a letter to the Algerian people, promising to organize, if he is re-elected, an early presidential election to which he will not take part. This within a year. The outline of his message was read on public television.

Recall that Abdelaziz Bouteflika fired Saturday, his campaign manager, Abdellmalek Sellal. The latter was replaced by Abdeghani Zalene. The reasons for this dismissal, which occurred the day before the deadline for submitting candidacy files for the Algerian presidential election, remain unknown.

As a reminder, Bouteflika is currently hospitalized in Geneva, Switzerland. Rumors about the deterioration of his state of health continue to ignite the Web.

Moreover, since the official announcement of the will of the current tenant of presidency to seek a 5th term, several events have been organized across the country. Hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets to express their anger over what they call the outgoing head of state’s “excess mandate”. Protesters, waving banners and other placards carrying slogans hostile to the ruling power and the candidacy of the outgoing President.

The demonstrations took a big scale, on Friday, February 22, particularly in the capital, Algiers, where it is the first time in almost twenty years that an imposing “political” march is organized on the streets and that the Algerians leave simultaneously in several cities across the country.

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