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Boxer Mohamed Rabii receives suspended prison sentence

Mohamed Rabii is in bad shape. In fact, the Casablanca Court of First Instance sentenced the Moroccan boxer to one month’s suspended imprisonment for “debauchery”, in accordance with Article 490 of the Criminal Code.

According to sources, which reports the information, this case dates back to September 2018, when a divorced woman, aged 36, complains against the pugilist. In her complaint, the young woman, who also received the same sentence, said she had a romantic relationship with Rabii, reports sources.

The boxer had promised him the marriage. For that, he would have rented an apartment in Rabat where they met, always according to the young woman. And to clarify that what pushed him to complain is the fact that she thought to be pregnant.

Mohamed Rabii, who is also divorced, said that she had known the girl a year ago, pointing out that he intended to marry her before giving up after the refusal of some of her family members, under pretext that she is divorced with a child. He also said he had informed him of his desire to end their relationship.

Recall that Article 490 of the Moroccan Penal Code stipulates that “are punishable by imprisonment from one month to one year, all persons of different sexes who, not being united by the bonds of marriage, have between them sexual relations”.

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