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Brexit: EU leaders approve agreement with UK

Leaders of the remaining 27 EU countries approved an agreement on Brexit with the United Kingdom at an extraordinary summit.

The unprecedented “withdrawal treaty”, negotiated for 17 months in pain between London and Brussels, will still have to pass the test of ratification of the European Parliament and especially that of the British Parliament before coming into force.

Despite this divorce, the United Kingdom and the EU intend to establish the relationship “as close as possible”, it is written in the short “political declaration” also approved, which will be attached to this agreement, a pavement of nearly 600 pages. This departure “is not a moment of jubilation or celebration, it is a sad moment and it is a tragedy,” said Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.

Future relations with London “remain to be defined”, had previously declared Emmanuel Macron. “This is a serious moment for the EU,” said the French president, for whom the European Union “needs a refoundation”. “This shows that the EU has a share of fragility” and “is perfectible,” he said while welcoming a “good agreement.”

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