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Briefing of Köhler against provocation of the polisario

The question of the Moroccan Sahara will be again this month of January in front of the members of the security council of the UN.

Indeed, the personal envoy of the UN Secretary General, Horst Köhler is expected on January 29 in New York for a briefing with members of the UN body on the latest developments on this issue.

It will undoubtedly be the conclusions of the last round table held in Geneva on December 5 and 6 under the supervision of the personal envoy of the UN Secretary-General. This round table, it is recalled, had brought together Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the Polisario. His findings were hailed by the UN, which announced that stakeholders will meet again in the first half of this year. This suggests that the UN process is set on track and the way is a beacon to autonomy initiative under Moroccan sovereignty.

These developments in the Moroccan Sahara issue come just before the semi-annual meeting of the Security Council, scheduled for late April.

This meeting, which has been semi-annual since April 2018, will review the political process and mission of MINURSO. This process is now framed by Security Council resolutions that oversee stakeholder talks, monitor the situation on the ground, and work to close the file by approving a political solution that will put an end to the process and to this conflict that has lasted too long.

However, it is clear that these initiatives are still meeting the maneuvers of the elements of the Polisario and their sponsors. This is how they resorted to the same provocations lately, threatening to hinder the passage of the Rally-raid Africa Race in its Moroccan-Mauritanian stage.

To make them talk, especially in the media Tindouf Camps, these elements of the Polisario have threatened to reinvest the buffer zone of Guerguerat, in flagrant violation of the ceasefire agreement, the UN reframes and international legality. Certainly the story is old, but it must be taken into account. Especially since the security council will know a new configuration in 2019 with the entry of South Africa alongside Germany, Belgium, Indonesia and the Dominican Republic.

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