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By clinging to his wall, Trump decrees the state of emergency

On Friday, US President Donald Trump signed a declaration of “national emergency” for financing the wall he had pledged during his election campaign to build on the Mexican border to thwart the flow of illegal immigrants from the neighboring country; a procedure that allows him, certainly, to override the approval of the congress for the release of federal funds necessary for the construction of this wall but which still opens the way to a fierce court battle.

By resorting to the extraordinary powers reserved for the executive, Donald Trump activates a procedure that bypasses the Congress by excluding it from the financing of this operation even though it is the body that customarily holds the cords. of the stock market.

Denouncing an initiative taken “without any justification”, the Democrats immediately called for “not to let the president tear up the constitution”. For example, Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Chuck Schlumer, the leader of the Democratic minority in Congress, wrote on Twitter that “the illegal declaration of the president, starting from a crisis that does not exist, is a blow violent in the Constitution and makes America less safe”.

Same story on the Republican side where some elected representatives expressed their discomfort. Thus, for Marc Rubio “no crisis justifies violating the Constitution” while Susan Collins, Republican senator of Maine warned the President by saying that “declare urgency in this case is a mistake because it mine the role of Congress and the process of approving expenditures”.

For the senator of Kentucky, Rand Paul, “the constitution very clearly tends to separate the powers. If we start qualifying things urgently (like the situation at the border), I think that very quickly we will lose all means of controlling and counteracting the government’s action.”

Referring to an “invasion” of drugs and criminals in his press conference, Donald Trump said he had appealed the emergency procedure, governed by the federal National Emergencies Act (NEA) passed in 1974 and signed by the President Gerald Ford in 1976 in the wake of the “Watergate” scandal, to build this wall as quickly as possible. Expecting legal action against his national emergency declaration as long as what is “urgent” for him – the construction of this book – is not for his political opponents, Donald Trump Nevertheless, he is optimistic about the presence in the Supreme Court of “conservative” judges appointed by him and able to help him win the battle ahead.

Democrat Bastion, New York State immediately announced its intention to seize the courts while Governor Gavin Newsom launched, at the address of the Head of State: “California gives you an appointment before the justice!”

With his eyes fixed on a new presidential term, Donald Trump, who has made illegal immigration his hobbyhorse, hopes to galvanize his troops for the 2020 presidential elections. Will it succeed? Let’s wait to see …

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