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Cactus, the dog who participated in the “Marathon des Sables”

The 34th edition of the Marathon des Sables is currently taking place in southern Morocco. And the participants were surprised to discover that they have an exceptional competitor this year.

This is a stray dog ​​who participates in the Marathon since Monday and has already traveled a hundred miles, to the delight of runners and organizers. Called Cactus by the participants, this dog, used to the conditions of the desert, inflamed the Web, which pushed the organizers to grant him a medal. He managed to complete two stages and was ranked 52nd. The runners, believing that the dog was going to be satisfied, surprised them by accompanying them during the following stages.

According to media, Cactus has helped many participants continue the adventure, stating that he is now a celebrity. The staff, adds the same source, gave him his own tracker and now represents Morocco. At the end of each stage, Cactus rests in the bivouacs, eats and drinks, before resuming the race.

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