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Café La Crème: The court postpones the trial

The Criminal Chamber of the Marrakesh Court of Appeal has decided, on Tuesday, to postpone, once again, on February 5, the examination of the case of persons prosecuted for premeditated murder with the help of a firearm, occurred in a cafe in Marrakesh.

This postponement is intended to allow the defense to prepare its pleadings following the decision of the court to insert in the main case a new case in which three other men are pursued as well as to open the way to new lawyers to prepare the arguments in this case.

Note that 16 people are now prosecuted in this case, including the owner of the cafe and the two main suspects involved in the execution of this crime targeting three victims in a cafe in the district “Hivernage” of the city ocher.

The case goes back to 2 November 2017 when two Dutch nationals from the Dominican Republic and Suriname, who were on board a large motorcycle, opened fire in the direction of the café, killing one person and wounding two others victims.

Investigations conducted by the Prefectural Police Service of Marrakesh, in coordination with the services of the Directorate-General for National Territorial Surveillance (DGST), under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor, led to the arrest of both Dutch nationals for their involvement in the execution of this murder with premeditation and attempted murder.

A statement from the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) also said that the coordination conducted in the framework of international security cooperation had revealed that the accused had many criminal record and direct links with cases of international traffic drugs, abduction and kidnapping of hostages, ransom demand, armed robbery and attempted murder.

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