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CAN 2019: Cameroon seizes TAS

The Association of Amateur Football Clubs of Cameroon (ACFAC) announced that it has appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) to challenge the withdrawal of the CAN 2019 organization and the passage of 16 to 24 teams endorsed in the summer of 2017 (which weighed down Cameroonian specifications).

Voice the text of the ad:
“The Executive Bureau of ACFAC unanimously decided on the members present and represented, to confirm the appeal filed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport on December 07, 2018 in protest of the decisions of the CAF Executive Committee of July 20, 2017 ( 16 to 24 participating teams) and November 30, 2018 (withdrawal of CAN 2019 from Cameroon),” says the ACFAC report.

“This initiative is only intended to allow Cameroon to recover the organization of the CAN 2019 and if necessary, an exceptionally arranged calendar, to the extent that for two years, the CAF has prevented the FECAFOOT from functioning normally by maintaining its head an executive without a mandate, before arbitrarily and unilaterally modifying the number of teams participating in CAN 2019 with all the consequences generated on the infrastructural and organizational levels.

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