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Cannabis could generate MAD 100 billion if it is legalized

Morocco could generate up to 100 billion dirhams, from 2023, if a legal framework is put in place for the production of cannabis, according to the findings of a report of the consulting agency “Prohibition partners”.

If the African cannabis market is legalized, its global value can be estimated at $ 7.1 billion from 2023. A potential shared by seven African countries, including Morocco, South Africa, Lesotho, Nigeria, Malawi, Ghana and Zambia.

Cannabis remains easily accessible in Morocco, even if it evolves in an informal setting, adding that in 2017, 80% of locally produced cannabis was exported and only 20% used for local consumption.

As the largest producer in Africa, Morocco has 1.5 million cannabis users, mostly teenagers and young people. Despite its ban, cannabis is the main source of income for 90 to 140,000 families, knowing that its average price is estimated at $ 8 per kilogram for raw cannabis.

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