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Car of the year (Coty) enters in Morocco

Car of the year (Coty) is born in Morocco. Fruit of 3 years of work of the Association of car importers in Morocco (Aivam), the official election of the car of the year will be organized for the first time in Morocco from January 2020. The announcement of this event has was made by Adil Bennani, president of Aivam Friday December 20.

“As part of our mission to raise public awareness on the automotive sector, Coty Maroc aims to elect the car of the year by a selected panel of journalists specializing in the automobile, as it is practiced internationally, ensuring transparency and fairness for all participating brands,” he says.

Indeed, the rules of this competition which is inspired by what is done internationally are clear. The organizing committee which reports to Aivam is completely neutral since it does not vote. His intervention is limited solely to ensuring the logistics of the event. He does not participate in static assessment sessions or dynamic tests.

Only the members of the jury, composed exclusively of automotive journalists are concerned. These include, in particular, specialized print and digital press as well as automotive experts and specialists.

The jury which will elect a president is made up of 8 members who will be responsible for selecting the car of the year on the basis of several criteria. The preselected vehicles are only new models (facelifts are excluded) launched for sale in N-1, the maximum value of which does not exceed MAD 400,000. Each vehicle is judged on 4 categories of evaluation criteria that are design/functionality/innovation, performance/safety/comfort, consumption/environment and price/equipment ratio.

The evaluation process will take place in 3 stages. It will start with the first meeting of the jury in the presence of the notary to choose a president of the edition.

The notary will also present the internal rules and confirm with the members of the jury the list of contenders for the Coty as well as the next steps. Next comes the static evaluation of the preselected vehicles, which is punctuated by the selection of seven finalists on the basis of a short-list of 7 models proposed by each member of the jury. Nominations for finalists are based on the number of citations.

In the event of a tie between two or more models, these will be submitted to the jury for a second time. The seven finalists are then grouped together for a road test for the final vote. The choice of each member of the jury will be communicated in a closed envelope to the notary. A meeting will be held 24 hours before the evening of announcement of the elected car which is scheduled for the end of January in the presence of the jury and the notary.

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