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Carlos Ghosn to be charged again in Japan

Carlos Ghosn, former boss of the Renault and Nissan automakers currently held in Japan, will again be charged with breach of trust after his detention Monday, local media said Friday.

The Tokyo prosecutor’s office is going to put Ghosn under investigation, accusing him of misappropriating funds from Nissan.

He is suspected of having used one or more “empty shells” companies to channel funds from the Japanese group to an investment company owned by his son Anthony, according to the details given by the NHK public channel citing a source close to investigation.

Kyodo news agency also said Ghosn would be charged again on Monday.

The investigators now require the cooperation of the US authorities to hear the son of Mr. Ghosn, adds the NHK.
Arrested for the first time when he arrived in a private jet in Tokyo on November 19, 2018, Carlos Ghosn is already facing three charges for undercover tax filing and aggravated breach of trust related to an attempt to cover personal financial losses by Nissan.

He had been released on bail on March 6 after 108 days in prison and placed under house arrest in Tokyo, but was arrested again less than a month later on new suspicions.

He and his family deny any wrongdoing and denounce a conspiracy by Nissan, while preparing the merger of the Japanese group with his French partner Renault, an evolution of the alliance unpleasant to the Japanese side.

Ghosn’s principal attorney, Junichiro Hironaka, has filed several appeals since the re-arrest of his illustrious client but the judges rejected them, allowing him to remain in police custody until Monday.

If he is actually charged, he will start a period of pre-trial detention and at the same time open the possibility of a request for release on bail.

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