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Carlos Ghosn will ultimately remain in prison

A new judicial twist, Carlos Ghosn made Friday, December 21, the subject of a third arrest warrant in Japan on additional charges, dashing his hopes for an immediate release.

The arrest of the CEO of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Motors automobile alliance, on November 19, in Tokyo, had the effect of a thunderclap, his long custody had then surprised abroad and the Japanese judicial system had come under fire from critics.

The media had announced that he would remain under lock and key until the end of the year, or even beyond, but the court disavowed Thursday the prosecutor’s office: a rare gesture, he refused to extend the custody of the leader 64 years old and then dismissed the prosecutors’ appeal.

Bail appeared to be imminent and Ghosn said he was already ready to “restore his reputation,” according to his lawyer quoted by the media, but it was not counting on the tenacity of the prosecution, apparently furious at having been humiliated.

The prosecutor’s office decided to arrest him again, giving him 48 more hours to question him on new charges, breach of trust this time. The duration of this custody may be further extended.

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