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Casablanca: Smart City Expo is back

After three successful editions bringing together over 250 speakers and 20,000 participants, Smart City Expo Casablanca is back for a new edition to be held on April 17 and 18, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency, under the theme of “Artificial intelligence at the service of citizens”.

A true African hub of the smart and inclusive city, Smart City Expo Casablanca has, over the years, established itself as an unmissable event on the agenda of Smart City events around the world.

By dedicating this fourth edition to the theme of “Artificial intelligence at the service of citizens”, the event addresses the ultimate goal common to all smart cities: to put innovation, in all its forms, at the service of the citizen to develop today, the city of tomorrow.

And if artificial intelligence (AI) promises to be one of the key elements of future urban development, what will be its real applications in the field? For beyond the fact that all sectors apprehended by public policies can enter the fields of application of artificial intelligence, the approach, in itself, first needs collective intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, based primarily on data collection and analysis, poses several ethical, regulatory, political or societal issues.

What will the data-driven city look like? What opportunities and risks? Experts and specialists involved in this fourth edition of Smart City Expo Casablanca will address, during debates, conferences and roundtables, other current topics such as AI and the co-construction of a Smart City, the acceleration of digital transformation through economic and legal tools, urban resilience and territorial sustainability, reinforced by AI.

Four years after its launch, Smart City Expo Casablanca is emerging as a platform for exchange and debate: representatives of cities, institutions, research centers, universities, opinion leaders, experts and key decision-makers of major companies will be present to present solutions and innovative projects and debate the challenges of the city of tomorrow.

Civil society will also be involved in the event. With a concept of its own, in addition to the congress and the show, Smart City Africa Casablanca will give rise, through Smart City Connect, to invite digital players for new solutions responding the issues of the inclusive and sustainable city.

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