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CDG more investor than operator

CDG has just launched its strategic shift, which was announced in June 2017. In its new plan, the Caisse will clearly have to move towards a mode of intervention as an investor and reduce its role as operator.

Deployed gradually since June 2017, the new strategic plan required some adjustments and organizational adjustments. Thus, a new branch was created under the name “banking/finance/investment” in addition to the other two branches that are tourism and territorial development. But until then the new branch still had no director.

Now it’s done. Today Morocco has learned from sources within the CDG that since Monday, February 11 is now Yassine Haddaoui who occupies the position of director of the investment branch he will continue to cumulate with his former position as director of the strategy pole and development.

Mr. Haddaoui’s mission will be to implement the strategic shift announced two years ago. As a reminder, in June 2017, the general director of the CDG, Abdellatif Zaghnoun, unveiled the new orientations of the Caisse with as main novelty the evolution of the mode of intervention.

After having been in the position of operator for many years, the CDG Group will now be more in the investor and co-financing mode.

Among other objectives, this will involve minority investments with players in certain targeted sectors such as the industry, including agrifood, NICT and renewable energies.

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