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CESE calls for a sustainable and inclusive national blue economy strategy

The Economic and Social Economic Council (CESE) called for the adoption of a sustainable and inclusive blue economy national strategy, tailored to regional needs and deployed around traditional economic sectors such as fisheries, tourism and port activities, while developing new sectors with high growth potential.

In its draft report of the autosaisine on “The blue economy: pillar of a new model of development of Morocco”, adopted unanimously Friday at the 93rd ordinary session, the CESE underlines that projects related to implementation of this strategy should be both developed in consultation with citizens and stakeholders, while having the primary objective of promoting access to maritime services and resources for all social categories, said Sunday a statement from CESE.

The governance of this strategy would be entrusted to a dedicated interministerial commission, headed by the Head of Government, which would optimize the coordination between sectoral policies, underlines the Council.

In addition, the report recommends ensuring a better valuation of seafood products, through the development of eco-responsible aquaculture, a range of port services by supporting the development of the Moroccan flag and encouraging the deployment of integrated ecosystems for shipbuilding and ship repair.

It also suggests gradually reorienting the development of the seaside tourism offer, reducing its impact on environmental ecosystems and developing ecotourism through sports, seaside and discovery activities, while involving local community upstream.

In addition, the Council calls for investment in research and innovation around new sectors related to the valuation of sea services, in particular with regard to the development of marine biotechnologies and renewable energies, as well as desalination activities. environmentally responsible and mining and fossil exploration and exploitation, areas that show high potential synergies, according to the CESE.

The document also recommends developing the offer of cruises, yachting and water sports. It recommends launching cultural initiatives around the sea and its activities, highlighting the cultural traditions of coastal populations (maritime events, competitions, etc…).

Furthermore, emphasizes the need to ensure maritime spatial planning at the territorial level for a global and integrated economy and to reinforce the central role of the territories in the development of the sectors of the blue economy in the context of regionalization advanced.

Finally, the report highlights the importance of introducing the blue economy professions into education and vocational training, by creating more specialized university courses in the maritime fields, for a qualified blue workforce and competent.

At this meeting, chaired by Ahmed Reda Chami, the CESE also presented and discussed its draft study on the parliamentary approach of the new development model, the statement concluded.

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