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Chinese vaccine soon available to Morocco

China, which has developed a vaccine against the coronavirus, is about to make it available to Morocco, one of its partners in the fight against the pandemic. A prerequisite is necessary upstream.

China is waiting for the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Moroccan Ministry of Health to give it carte blanche before launching the production of vaccines for Morocco. The Sinopharm laboratory sent a team of experts to visit the facilities of the Moroccan pharmaceutical company Sothema in Bouskoura. A company that will likely handle Chinese vaccine production locally.

Experts will visit the same company’s facilities again in late November or early December after WHO validates the Chinese vaccine. As soon as this organization has played its part, it will be up to the Moroccan authorities to authorize the production of the Chinese vaccine.

The vaccines once authorized, the vaccination will start. The operation will take place in two phases. There are 5 million people affected. These are mainly vulnerable people, health personnel, civil protection, gendarmerie and police services, as well as personnel from tourist companies and airlines. Other citizens of the kingdom will be able to be vaccinated during the month of February or March 2021.

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