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Chloroquine: Morocco builds up a working stock

Morocco has a stock of locally produced and imported chloroquine, which has been distributed to university hospitals and regional and provincial hospitals, said on Wednesday, Bouchra Meddah, Director of Medicines and Pharmacy (DMP), Ministry of Health.

Following the decision of the Scientific and Technical Commission concerning the use of this drug to treat patients with the new coronavirus (Covid-19), the Ministry of Health has taken care to put in place urgently all the means necessary to guarantee the careful and safe implementation of this decision, stressed in a statement.

It also noted that following the recommendations of the Scientific and Technical Commission, the Ministry of Health published a circular (No. 22), dated March 23, intended for all health professionals, concerning the conditions and the modalities of use of this treatment protocol, to achieve a “patriotic” and rational management of the stock of this drug in Morocco.

Meddah has also reassured all Moroccans suffering from chronic diseases, requiring chloroquine drugs, that they can obtain them free of charge and on an exceptional basis, at the regional and provincial pharmacies closest to their residences, and who report to the Ministry of Health, after presentation of the medical file or prescription.

The ministry is taking care to provide all the essential answers to cover the requests of the citizens at the level of the hospitals and throughout the Kingdom, she insisted.

In a similar statement, Moulay Hicham Afif, Director of CHU Ibnou Rochd, said that “the use of Chloroquine, hydrochloroquine or hydroxychloroquine will be widened in several countries around the world, like the China, the United States, Tunisia, France…”, adding that “the use of this drug in these countries has given promising results given the special protocol for treating patients with Covid-19”.

“For Chloroquine/Hydrochlororoquine, it is a drug known to doctors given its use for years to cure chronic diseases like arthritis and other immune diseases”, he noted, explaining that “their uses in these cases is long lasting under the strict supervision of medical specialists, and their side effects related to their use is known by doctors”.

Afif indicated, moreover, that “the use of this medicine obtained after the agreement of the Ministry of Health with the Technical and Scientific Commission of the national program for the prevention and control of influenza and severe acute respiratory infections, during a joint meeting between the two parties at the headquarters of the ministry on March 20”.

He also assured that the said committee decided that “this drug should be administered to patients with Covid-19 to obtain better efficacy in treatment, and this in the light of the positive results obtained and proven on an international scale”, insisting that “the Scientific Commission made this decision in a sovereign, autonomous manner and in a secure approach for patients”.

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