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Clean Energies: Investment multiplied by 13 in Morocco

The total amount of investments made and programmed in the clean energy sector in Morocco during the year 2018 amounts to 2.8 billion dollars. A figure multiplied by 13 according to a Bloomberg study (“Bloomberg New Energy Finance”). The Kingdom ranks 20th in the world, just behind Italy.

It occupies the 2nd position in Africa behind South Africa. In total, global investments in clean energy reached $ 332.1 billion. However, this figure is down 8% from 2017 ($ 361.7 billion). The study points out that this is the fifth year in a row that these investments exceed $ 300 billion.

China again led the way ($ 100.1 billion), followed by the United States ($ 64.2 billion), Japan (27.2), India (11.1) and Germany (10.5).

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