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CNOPS: Bad news for subscribers

The National Fund of Social Welfare Organizations (CNOPS) is preparing to increase the contributions of its 3 million members.

This decision comes in response to the financial crisis that threatens the continuation of the Fund’s services, after the government decided to change its legal status to a public institution.

Abdelaziz Adnane, director of the CNOPS, told the Social Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives that the organization’s resources were below its expenditure (4.94 billion dirhams of revenue for 5.09 billion dirhams). He explained that, in addition to indicators and other factors that contributed to the deterioration of his financial condition, the CNOPS had lost 1.7 billion dirhams due to the policy of voluntary departure of employees under the Jettou government.

According to director, the aging of the Moroccan population and the demographic transition experienced by Morocco, as well as the increase in the incidence of chronic diseases, also contributed to its financial difficulty (2.8 billion dirhams of expenditure to December 2018).

The ceiling is set at 400 dirhams per employee, regardless of his salary, which Abdelaziz Adnane considers abnormal. The CNOPS director told the representatives that there was no alternative but to increase the contribution and remove the cap. This is also what advocates the state should publish a decree to this effect.

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