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CNSS: Good news for the insured

Good news for Moroccans covered by the CNSS regime who leave or lose their jobs. According to sources, the deadline for taking out voluntary insurance, which was 12 months, now is 60. This voluntary insurance was the subject of an amendment published in Official Bulletin No. 6745 of 21 January 2019.

The insured will thus be able to safeguard the right to a retirement pension and medical cover. However, the CNSS requires certain conditions. The insurer must justify at least 1080 continuous or discontinuous contribution days and have no salary activity. As for those who have at least 2160 days of continuous or discontinuous contributions, they are exempted from the 5-year period for applying for voluntary coverage.

The daily specifies that anyone interested in this insurance must complete a form and provide a certificate of termination of employment issued by the last employer or duly legalized declaration of honor where applicable. She must also present a certificate of life not exceeding 3 months, a copy of the CNSS card and a copy of the national identity card.

“The member will then have to pay a contribution quarterly to the CNSS. It includes a contribution for the benefits of the general scheme and another for the compulsory health insurance: a rate of 12.89% of the reference wage (average salary of the last 6 months declared to the CNSS) within the limit of the monthly ceiling of 6,000 MAD and 4.52% of the reference salary for the AMO,” explains the same source.

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