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Colin Stewart warns Polisario

Mandated by Colin Stewart, a special envoy went to the post of the mission located in the place called Aghwainit, east of the wall of protection, where he gave a fold to some Polisario military leaders.

The letter of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for the Sahara and Head of MINURSO contained a message of protest against the harassment of members of his mission by elements belonging to the Polisario.

According to informed sources, the head of MINURSO denounced the fact that elements of the Polisario have chased a vehicle belonging to the mission, accusing the staff of the latter to be involved in illegal immigration operations sub-Saharan.

Colin Stewart also warned of publications and comments posted on social media by some individuals known for their allegiance to the Polisario calling for violence against the mission, its vehicles and its staff. In his opinion, this represents a threat to the security of UN personnel.

The MINURSO leader threatened to take the matter to the UN Security Council if the Polisario failed to act promptly, seriously and determinedly, considering these actions as detrimental to the work of the UN mission and likely to endanger the security and stability of the region.

It should be noted that, following the self-immolation by fire of a young Sahrawi man in Guerguarate last week and comments on the social networks aroused by this act, the MINURSO chief had instructed all its personnel in the southern provinces and Tindouf camps to take all the security measures and to be on permanent alert.

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