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Compulsory military service has officially entered into force

The law on compulsory military service officially entered into force after its publication in the Official Bulletin, thus putting an end to the hopes of opponents of compulsory military service, who opposed the formula in which the service was reinstated and demanded that it be replaced by civil service, or at least optional.

Law No. 44.18 on compulsory military service equated, in a number of rights and duties, between conscripts in the military service and those serving in the Royal Armed Forces, as they would be subject to military laws and regulations during military service.

The military laws and regulations to which conscripts will be subject to compulsory military service are the Military Justice Act, the Basic Guarantees for Royal Armed Forces (RAF) Act, and the General Discipline System of the Royal Armed Forces.

Those who are subject to compulsory conscription will not end their relationship with military service once the period of compulsory conscription ends, but Law No. 44.18 empowers the military authority to place its personnel on technical or professional qualifications at the disposal of public administrations for specific tasks, after their approval.

As for the compensation to be used by conscripts under compulsory military service, which has drawn widespread criticism of the government and is considered by many to be “meager,” it will be regulated by law, exempt from any tax and not subject to any other deductions.

The government had set the monthly wage for conscripts in compulsory military service at MAD 1,050 for soldiers, MAD 1,500 for noncommissioned officers and MAD 2,100 for officers. The recruits in the southern regions, as well as the above-mentioned compensation, will benefit from special compensation for the burden, which is set at 300 dirhams per month.

The wages and compensation to which conscripts will benefit under compulsory military service will not benefit some categories of recruits, namely state employees, land groups, users of public institutions and enterprises.

Conscripts belonging to the said categories shall not be entitled to remuneration and compensation for compulsory military service; they shall retain, within their respective administrations, all their rights, including the right to promotion, retirement, remuneration and social protection, as provided for in article 14 of the Law on Military Service.

On the other hand, conscripts belonging to the above categories will benefit from rights for the benefit of military personnel, such as death insurance, disability, medical and social assistance, and contributions to the State.

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