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Compulsory Military service: What the deserters risk

The obligatory military service returns to Morocco and the first contingents of the called will answer present next September.

But what are the chances of the people whose names appear on the lists who will be missed on the ballot? The law provides for possible deserters prison sentences of one month to a year, with a fine of MAD 2000.

Just as people who have helped them to avoid their duty as citizens, such as those who will prevent or hide them, incur the same penalties. This, in time of peace, while the said penalties will be multiplied in case of war, according to the Code of military justice of the Kingdom.

On the other hand, the National Defense Administration wishes to reiterate that there is no favoritism with regard to conscription. There are, on the same footing, the children of senior officials as well as those of the lower civil servants, it is said.

The services of the Ministry of the Interior, the provinces, the prefectures and the boroughs have received instructions concerning the conscripts in the colors so that they are summoned to fill in the questionnaire that the local authorities had previously sent them.

On the other hand, FAR officials, who will supervise compulsory military service, will pay particular attention to military and sports training for conscripts. As well as courses on civic responsibility, citizenship, military history and organization will be provided for four months of conscription.

One month will be reserved for training and military training, followed by eight months of professional courses in 25 different trades that the conscripts will be able to exercise after in the civil life, according to their choice and their aptitudes.

As for those of them who already have an academic curriculum, the paper says, they will be entitled to a short specific training, before being assigned to an institution of the Royal Armed Forces.

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