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Computer coding: The first students of 1337 Benguerir

More than a few days for Benguerir’s students before the end of their first immersion in the coding school. At the end of this first test, the students will have to prepare to integrate the school 1337 to pursue a curriculum of a minimum of 3 years, according to the ability of each other to validate the expected levels. There are 21 levels to complete. If the student makes 14, he gets a junior certificate. If he completes 21, he receives a senior certificate.

Some 300 candidates are immersed in the world of schooling and coding in Benguerir from April 8 to May 8. The most “resistant” will be retained in the 2nd OCP coding school after Khouribga. Objective: to widen the fields of opportunities for Moroccan and African youth.

“According to our experience in Khouribga, only 2.5% of students drop out,” observes the teaching team. Spread over a total area of ​​nearly 3,000 m² spread over 4 levels, 1337 Benguerir is a continuation of what was initiated in Khouribga, recreating an innovative, friendly and collaborative.

The fruit of a pedagogical partnership between the OCP Group and 42 Paris, 1337 opened its doors in Khouribga in July 2018. It now trains nearly 300 students from all over the Kingdom and several African countries.

In Benguerir, it is a complementary brick in an ambitious ecosystem of knowledge that aims, from 2019, to train more than 900 young people in the digital professions. This is how this first pool will be followed by others, probably in summer, to test their abilities.

When they are selected, the future coders – and even when they are in the pool – enjoy a real comfort within the school, catering, but also a stock exchange. Pedagogy is based on “Peer Learning”, which emphasizes the empowerment of students in the construction of their curriculum, in the acquisition of knowledge, and in the transmission of such knowledge to their peers.

Learning at 1337 is based on the principle of gamification, inspired by the world of video games. “In 1337, there is no school year, but levels of experience to achieve,” insists the teaching team.

And to offer students an exchange opportunity, a meet-up in the form of a meeting space is reserved for conferences, exchanges between speakers artists or professionals of the sector, who come to meet students every week. It is also an opportunity for coders who think, in many cases, to start their own business, to practice pitching a new startup idea as part of one of the school’s clubs.

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  1. Very good initiative. There is a huge market for coders and programmers all around the world.

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