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Contractual teachers in Morocco protest against extension of contract

Moroccan contractual teachers have lead several protests, with thousands participating across the country. However, their calls for integration in the public sector of employment continue to fall on deaf ears.

The Moroccan National Coordination of Teachers “forced into contractual teaching,” (CNPCC), is urging contractual teachers to organize a march on February 20, to protest their situation.

After vocational training academies across Morocco launched the call for contractual teachers of 2016, 2017, and 2018 groups to sign a contract extension, CNPCC released a statement on Tuesday, calling on all contract teachers to boycott the signing and join in a major protest.

The CNPCC pointed out that the educational academies are breaching article 16 of the Organic Law for teachers that says educational institutions are not allowed to “renew employment contracts until they receive a qualification certificate.”

The coordination accused the government of “discriminating between teachers” in Morocco through the contracts. Unlike permanent teachers, contractual teachers do not benefit from an employment law that protects their rights.

Neither of the public or private employment sector laws protect the contractual teachers whose salary, although the same as their permanent counterparts, comes from the educational academies with whom they are contracted.

Moreover, contractual teachers do not benefit from healthcare coverage and or a pension fund.

To the protesting contractual teachers, renewing the contracts would be like saying that they accept contractual teaching and think well of it. The contractual teachers are already on a five-day strike before their scheduled march on February 20, a contractual teacher said.

In 2016, the Moroccan government allowed educational academies and vocational training centers to hire their own teachers through temporary contracts.

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