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Coronavirus: 30% of the population in Morocco is fully vaccinated

The anti-Covid19 vaccine has shown its effectiveness in slowing down the transmission of the virus despite the appearance of new variants, said Tayeb Hamdi, doctor and researcher in health policies and systems, while calling to be “vaccinated the most as early as possible”.

Interviewed by media, Hamdi, also president of the national union of general medicine (SNMG), stressed that people over 40 years of age are already vaccinated up to 85% and that the older age groups most vulnerable and those most at risk of going to intensive care are already protected. “But it’s not enough to prevent more deaths,” he noted.

Asked about the “positioning” of Moroccans despite vaccination, the researcher clarified that two polls, one Arab and the other African, revealed that before the start of vaccination in Morocco, “there were 80% of intentions to be vaccinated: there is therefore no problem of vaccine hesitation”.

To date, 30% of Moroccans are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, he said, noting that this is a “sufficient” percentage to absorb the shock in the event of an upsurge, but “insufficient to protect the population”. “The Moroccan health system is still performing well”, he added, expressing, however, his concern about “the speed with which new cases are increasing” and especially in relation to “the relaxation observed on the part of the population during this summer period”.

Regarding the end of the pandemic, Hamdi explained that “the virus will certainly continue to circulate”, noting that we will need “to make vaccination reminders, if only, perhaps, for the most fragile population” in order to achieve collective immunity.

“By slowing down the transmission of the virus, we slow down the development of variants and mutations. You have to play on both,” he insisted.

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