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Coronavirus: British press hails “Morocco’s cohesion and solidarity”

The British online newspaper Byline Times praised “the cohesion and solidarity of Morocco” during the coronavirus pandemic which is invading the whole world.

In an article entitled “The cohesion and solidarity of Morocco is a lesson for all of us”, Jonathan Fenton, author of the article, highlights the different aspects of solidarity shown by the Moroccan people in these moments of crisis, with testimonies from Moroccans on the various actions taken by the government.

“In a demonstration of solidarity that warms the heart, a large number of Moroccans gather on their roofs to recite the Qur’an and pray, a feeling of unity within the society in full confinement,” said the author.

While the focus is on health care and the inevitable economic damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the newspaper stresses that Morocco’s widespread solidarity “is a shining example of how members of society can helping each other in such a period of crisis”, noting that “a deep sense of hospitality and a healthy patriotism in Morocco have pushed people to unite to fight this virus and take care of those who will be affected”.

“Faced with scenes of frenzied shopping, storage of goods in supermarkets and non-compliance with measures of social distancing in Western countries, Morocco has shown the strength of decisive action and collective respect, to minimize the spread and damage of the virus,” said the author of the article.

On March 2, Morocco detected its first case of COVID-19. Dozens of other cases were then detected.

“The government has acted firmly, but gradually to limit the spread of the virus, starting with the closure of its airspace and its borders, then confinement,” notes the article, which quotes testimonies from Moroccans highlighting the clairvoyant decisions of HM the King and the support of the population.

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