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Coronavirus: Morocco maintains chloroquine treatment

The controversy has resumed again about the treatment of Covid-19 patients with Chloroquine. While another study has shown its ineffectiveness in the therapeutic protocol, Morocco prefers to continue with this drug which has been showing positive results since its adoption.

“We do not change a winning team,” said Dr. Moulay Mustapha Ennaji. According to the virologist and director of the virology laboratory at Hassan II University in Casablanca, this treatment has not yet revealed any insufficiency. Contrary to the results of the study, the professor fears that changing this treatment with the upsurge of new infections is a risk. “The number of cases is high and it is likely to increase even more. The protocol we use, namely chloroquine, has shown satisfactory results. We have between 1,000 and 2,000 healings per day. A comforting figure also for Moroccans,” he explained.

Regarding the results of the British study, the professor reveals that it is a feud of clans. “There is the Pro-Raoult clan which is for chloroquine, and another against anti-Raoult. And so there is a sort of war between his two clans. Everyone is trying to show that they are right,” he said.

According to it, Morocco does not have enough means to afford another treatment. “There are more effective drugs, but they cost around $ 200. Chloroquine is the treatment that Morocco can afford now,” he added.

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