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Coronavirus: Morocco ranked 2nd in Africa in terms of screening

Morocco is ranked second in Africa and first in North Africa in terms of the number of Covid-19 screening tests carried out, the Ministry of Health said on Saturday.

Thus, until July 22, national laboratories and rapid response teams carried out some 1,130,700 Covid-19 screening tests, a daily average of nearly 18,000 tests, said the coordinator of the National Operations Center for public health emergency at the Ministry of Health, Mouad Mrabet, in a weekly statement on the epidemiological situation.

Mr. Mrabet reviewed the evolution of the epidemiological situation over the past week, during which the total number of Covid-19 infections reached 17,962 cases in Morocco, or 49.5 people per 100000, highlighting the cure rate of 87%.

He indicated that the weekly evolution of confirmed cases of Covid-19 at the national level, after the lifting of the sanitary confinement has, of course, experienced an increase, after registering a slight decrease, noting that the number of cases recorded during of the past six weeks remains equal to the number of cases recorded during the three and a half months preceding the lifting of containment.

At the national level, the “red zones”, continues Mrabet, group together the region of Tangier-Tétouan-Al Hoceima (particularly Tangier, Assilah, Fahs-Anjra and Tétouan), Casablanca-Settat and Marrakech-Safi, a few eastern provinces in addition to the region of Dakhla-Oued Dahab.

Possible return to confinement

After pointing out that the number of deaths has reached 285, after the registration of 23 deaths in the last week, the official clarifies that the case fatality rate remains stable at 1.6%, deploring the constant increase in cases of death, as well as serious infections.

Mrabet revealed that a return to confinement is possible like other countries in the world, in the event of an increase in coronavirus cases, noting that containment will be done according to the provinces and regions experiencing a significant increase in the number of cases.

Responding to a question about the possibility of contamination of the coronavirus from seawater, Mrabet asserted that seawater does not transmit the virus, adding that the problem lies in the gatherings seen at beaches, as well as failure to respect social distancing.

In this regard, he reveals that the reproduction rate has now reached 1.11, after having experienced a considerable decline.

Regarding the use of air conditioning, the manager noted that its use in family, at home or in the car does not cause any concern, noting that it is however not recommended to use the air conditioning on the premises of job.

In addition, the official indicated that regarding people with blood pressure or serious illnesses, they are more exposed to complications in the event of coronavirus infection, calling on citizens to wear the protective mask.

Addressing the recommendations of the scientific and technical advisory commission, meeting at the request of the Minister of Health, he recalled that the commission considers that an increase in cases of infection following Eid Al Adha is very likely, as this has already been noticed following Eid El Fitr.

To this end, the committee called for Covid-19 screening tests to be carried out on professional drivers and butchers, advising citizens to use licensed butchers.

Citizens are also invited to limit travel between cities as much as possible, as well as family visits, while adopting the barrier actions recommended by the authorities.

As part of the ministry’s awareness-raising messages, the coordinator of the National Center for Public Health Emergency Operations at the Ministry of Health stressed that people who are vulnerable and exposed to the risk of complications in the event of infection, are called upon to avoid any gathering or physical contact with other people.

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