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Coronavirus: New suspect cases in Morocco

The number of people suspected of being infected with the coronavirus in Morocco is increasing. The department of Pr Khalid Ait Taleb announced Tuesday that it has registered 33 cases. And this, after samples taken, followed by laboratory analyzes.

According to the official page of the ministry, three people displaying certain symptoms of the virus have presented themselves to some hospitals in the Kingdom. The laboratory analyzes performed on the three were found to be negative. Of the 33 suspected cases, only one has been confirmed.

The state of health of the infected person is stable and does not cause concern, notes a press release from the ministry, noting that the patient benefits from follow-up at the isolation unit at Moulay Youssef hospital in Casablanca where he will be supported according to the health measures in force, notes the same source.

Immediately after receiving the results of the laboratory tests, a joint team of specialists from the national and regional public health emergency operations centers conducted investigations to identify the list of all people who were in contact with the patient. , to monitor their health and take preventive measures to prevent the spread of the virus, in accordance with national and international health security standards.

The Ministry of Health will continue to communicate with public opinion and keep them informed of all developments, as it has been doing since the onset of this global health emergency, the statement said.

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