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Coronavirus: RAM suspends flights to Milan and Venice

The national airline Royal Air Maroc (RAM) announced Sunday that it “temporarily suspends”, from this Sunday, March 8, its flights to Milan and Venice, following the decision of the Italian authorities to quarantine these two cities.

“Following the decision of the Italian authorities to quarantine Milan and Venice because of the Coronavirus, Royal Air Maroc temporarily suspends its flights to these two Italian cities,” said RAM in a statement.

The suspension comes into effect on Sunday, March 8, and flights will resume in early April, the statement said.

Recall that “the preventive measures taken by Morocco are proving effective at this stage in the fight against the new coronavirus whose development remains unpredictable,” said Minister of Health Khalid Ait Taleb on Friday.

During a meeting with the members of the Social Sectors Committee in the House of Representatives, gathered to examine the situation in the Kingdom in the light of the spread of the virus around the world, the Minister underlined that the national steering committee set up for this purpose closely monitors developments related to the disease “which remains under control”.

Ait Taleb assured that the committee is monitoring the situation, whether in terms of the detection or management of suspected cases, or the follow-up of the two confirmed cases out of a total of fifty possible cases identified so far.

The Ministry of Health, through the Directorate of Epidemiology and Disease Control, has accumulated a great deal of experience in monitoring and surveillance of similar epidemics such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Ebola, a observes the official who expects the virus to lose ground as temperatures rise with the approach of spring.

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