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Coronavirus: Washington classifies Morocco in the “High risk” category

The US government has updated its list of the most dangerous countries to visit based on the spread of covid-19. Morocco has lost a place there and is now listed as a “high risk” country.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the main US federal agency for public health protection, has just updated its list of countries based on the risk of contracting the disease of coronavirus. A list intended for American travelers. Morocco lost a place there and is now classified in category 3, that is to say at “high risk”.

The kingdom is there as well as France, Mexico and even… the United States. US travelers who wish to visit Category 3 countries are encouraged to get vaccinated before traveling. “Unvaccinated people should cancel their trip if it is a non-essential trip.” The deterioration in Morocco’s ranking can easily be understood given the meteoric increase in the number of contaminations and deaths recorded in Morocco in recent days.

But there is worse than Morocco in the ranking established by the American public agency. Countries neighboring Morocco such as Spain, Portugal and Tunisia are classified in category 4, that is to say in that of countries considered to be “very high risk”. Americans wishing to travel to one of these countries should definitely cancel their trip, unless they have obtained both doses of the coronavirus vaccine, the CDC website explains.

Note that the countries classified in categories 2 (moderate risk) and 1 (low risk) constitute a minority. In category 2 we find countries such as Germany, Mauritania, Ukraine and Afghanistan. Countries like Australia, China and the Sudan are classified as low risk countries. A few other countries do not even appear in this ranking. This is particularly the case for Algeria, whose degree of spread of the coronavirus is classified as “unknown”.

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