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Covid-19: 3-month-old youngest patient is cured in Morocco

This is news that has relieved the family as well as the technical staff. Sama, a three-month-old baby, spent 16 days at the University Hospital Center (CHU) in Fés, where she was admitted because of her coronavirus infection. This Sunday morning, the little girl is declared completely healed.

Images on Twitter show her loved ones and the medical team preparing to take her out, in a warm atmosphere that is sure to cheer up healthcare workers and families alike, who are hoping for the same outcome.

Her name is Sama, she is 3 months old and has just left the CHU of Fès after 16 days of hospitalization.

The youngest patient infected with Covid_19 in Morocco has defeated the virus. She has just been declared completely healed.

Sama is thus added to the 153 cases of healings recorded in Morocco since the start of the pandemic. As of Sunday at 10 a.m., 113 deaths have also been reported, while the total number of covid-19 infections has reached 1617.

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