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Covid-19: Morocco generalizes treatment with chloroquine

The Moroccan Ministry of Health has generalized chloroquine treatment to covid-19 patients.

This is an important step that the kingdom has just taken in the fight against covid-19. It comes a few days after the recommendation of Moroccan doctors to generalize treatment with chloroquine and azythromicyne in view of the “low number of biological tests”.

The new instructions were given to health officials, in a note published and signed by the Minister of Health, Khalid Aït Taleb.

It is therefore recommended that healthcare personnel start treatment with hydoxycholoroquine and azythromicyne, in any possible symptomatic covid-19, without waiting for the virology result, while considering stopping it if the test proves negative. It is also requested to carry out a laboratory control test on D9 and then on D10 for patients not hospitalized in the intensive care and resuscitation units, in order to declare recovery.

The same test should be applied to patients hospitalized in the intensive care and intensive care units, in order to verify the effectiveness of the first-line protocol and consider the second-line protocol if necessary, concludes the same note.

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