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Covid-19: OBG analyzes industry adaptation in Morocco

The Covid-19 has a strong impact on the industrial sector, but the crisis is also preserving certain branches which have been able to adapt their production. This is the case for many companies which have oriented their activity towards the production of medical equipment (masks, gloves, medical textiles).

In a new analysis, the Oxford Business Group (OBG) returns to the adaptation of Moroccan industry to the Covid-19. The cabinet notes that the textile industry (which employed at the end of 2019 more than 185,000 workers distributed in more than 1,600 companies, and representing 15% of the Moroccan industrial GDP) was mobilized, through the Moroccan Association of textile and clothing industries (AMITH) to convert some of its members to the manufacture of masks and aim for a production capacity of 4 million units per day by mid-April.

“Beyond being produced in record time, these masks will meet the standards of the Moroccan Institute for Standardization (IMANOR), proving their quality and making them accessible to healthcare personnel,” said OBG. The wearing of compulsory masks is also an opportunity to preserve the activity of certain industrialists during this period of crisis. Other industrial units specializing in medical textiles also manage to maintain their activity during the crisis. This is the case with Lamatem, which has undertaken to supply the State with medical equipment (gowns, charlottes, coveralls, and overshoes). In one month, the factory based in Berrechid (Casablanca) can thus produce up to 6 million units.

For its part, the pharmaceutical industry is confident in its ability to meet the demand for drugs. Although partly dependent on foreign markets, particularly China and India for production, professionals assure that there will be no shortage. According to official figures, “80% of the drugs sold in Morocco, original or generic, are produced locally”.

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