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CPI: Morocco has gained 17 places in two years

The measures taken by the government to increase transparency have allowed the Kingdom to gain 17 places in the ranking of the Corruption Perception Index in two years, said Wednesday in Rabat, the head of government, Saâd Eddine El Othmani.

Speaking at a communication meeting, organized by the Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and City Policy, on the study on risk mapping of corruption in the urban planning and real estate sectors, El Othmani noted that the image of Morocco has improved relatively internationally, as evidenced by the perception of corruption index, published by Transparency International. The Kingdom has indeed improved its score of 6 points in this ranking in the space of two years, he said, stating that it is ranked 73rd in 2018 among the 180 countries analyzed, while was in 90th place in 2016.

Morocco is currently one of the leading countries in the ranking of African and Arab countries in this regard, he said, adding that the general average of the CPI 2018 is estimated at 34 points/100 on the Arab scale and 39/100 in the MENA region.

In this context, the head of the government called for more action on the fight against corruption at all levels, through the collective mobilization of all actors, in order to succeed in strengthening the values ​​of probity, to reform the administration and to introduce good governance in the future.

He further emphasized the need to accelerate the implementation of the national anti-corruption strategy, which will include a risk map for all government departments, in order to overcome the constraints implementation of this strategy. To this end, he said that corruption “is a phenomenon that spares no country in the world especially as it weighs heavily, even undermines development efforts.”

In the face of wealth squandering as a result of corruption, El Othmani cited studies showing that corruption leads to the loss of 2 to 5 percentage points of GDP, and that urbanism and housing are the sectors that suffer the most. Note that the government program has placed consolidation of the principles of probity and transparency as a priority for government action.

During this meeting, which focused on the theme “Enhancing Transparency to Ensure Integrity and Trust”, the Head of Government appealed to interact positively with the observations and proposals of the National Instance of Probity, prevention and the fight against corruption, by involving all the actors concerned in the fight against this phenomenon.

The study on the mapping of corruption risks in the urban planning and real estate sectors is spread over four phases, namely the state of play, the development of a communication plan and the implementation of the communication plan, as well as the evaluation of this plan.

This communication plan aims to provide information on the activities of the Ministry of Urban Planning, Housing and City policy, regarding the strategy of prevention and fight against corruption, in addition to listen to its partners and interlocutors on topics related to prevention and the fight against corruption.

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