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Crans Montana Forum: Africa must build the future of its youth

The various panels of the Crans Montana Forum have given rise to explore all the development tracks of the continent at the level of the economy, energy, health, the past-industry and technology, all with as a guiding principle. youth entrepreneurship and female leadership.

High Mass of the African Gray Matter for the 5th edition of the Crans Montana Forum which took place from March 14th to 17th in Dakhla. Under the theme “building a powerful and modern Africa at the service of its youth”, the Forum confirmed its commitment to unite all the intellectual forces of the African continent in order to come out with practical and effective solutions.

“The development challenge for the 21st century will be met by regional cooperation. South-South cooperation has the power to accelerate development in the field of health, social, and technology transfer “, says Gerhard Schröder, former Chancellor of Germany.

This platform invites to explore all the development tracks of the continent at the level of economy, energy, health, agribusiness and technology, all with the thread of youth entrepreneurship and leadership. female. In fact, whatever the field to develop, women and young people are the ones who need it most.

Put in place real economic opportunities

With a population of an average age of 19, African countries face a major challenge: to develop a creative force to keep and maintain their young people. The royal message at the Forum was very direct on this point: “Our youth needs to be carried, trained, empowered and, above all, valued. It must be trained to convert today’s economic potential into the reality of tomorrow.

Failure in this area would be a terrible disaster for the continent and for other regions as well. The perilous departure of a part of our youth in search of a future from other horizons must not be a fatality, nor the figure of an Africa in failure. This is a serious reason that governments are putting real economic opportunities in place to retain this segment of the population in their home country.

“The collaboration between African governments and youth organizations should be encouraged, because building the future of this youth will be done by investing in education,” added Moustapha Cissé Lo, President of the Parliament of ECOWAS during the session of opening of the forum. As young people are an important link in the continent’s development chain, women occupy an even more strategic place.
“The novelty of this year’s Crans Montana was to create for the first time a harmony in the content of the different panels of the Forum, which allows to come out with solutions to the problems that the situation of women in Africa is experiencing”, notes Bouthayna Iraqui-Houssaini, president of Locamed and co-president of Africa Woman Forum.

According to the testimonies shared during the Africa Woman Forum panel, whose theme this year is “youth entrepreneurship and women’s leadership”, one must be creative to overcome discrimination between men and women in education and training. in access to finance and information.

Whether it is Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau, Tanzania, Senegal … all the women who have testified about their path, associative or entrepreneurial, have encountered the same obstacles and have succeeded in following the same path: innovating. Indeed, if 25% of Africa’s entrepreneurial champions are women, it is because they have been able to adapt to the economic and political situation of their countries and take advantage of opportunities.

Thanks to the possibilities offered by the mobile phone and the internet, a woman in rural Africa can start her business, issue and receive orders, carry out monetary transactions without having to study or have a diploma.

Innovation appears to be the best way to boost female entrepreneurship, while creating the right environment for better networking, financial empowerment and access to information.

The appeal that emanated from the panel “Female Leadership and Youth Entrepreneurship in Africa” ​​has as its main idea that women are at the center of the economy in all African countries, and must therefore be at the center of economic orientations and decisions. government policies.

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