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CSR: Renault Group creates its foundation

The Renault Group in Morocco announces the creation of “Fondation Renault Maroc” to anchor human and social development at the heart of its approach.

Present in the Kingdom since 1928, the Group is committed to a corporate social responsibility strategy that contributes to the social and economic development of the Kingdom among the communities bordering its sites.

The Foundation thus gives a new dimension to Renault Maroc Maroc’s social and societal commitments and naturally ensures the continuity of its CSR and sponsorship policy.

This foundation, based on the Renault Group’s distinctive values ​​and know-how, aims to design and develop a set of actions around two central pillars: inclusion and sustainable mobility.

The Renault Group Morocco is working to promote inclusion, giving everyone a chance in society through access to education, the promotion of diversity within society and the development of mobility solutions.

Because education is a priority, a series of actions has been conducted in this direction with target populations such as the establishment of a school mobility program, the creation of pre-school classes, the rehabilitation of schools and the 0rganization of extracurricular activities.

Sustainable mobility is a pioneering concept developed by the Renault Group to offer a global response to the mobility needs of the greatest number. It is also in this context that the Group has made a civic commitment to raising awareness of road safety through different prevention programs.

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