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DAVOS: Morocco renews its commitment to multilateral trading system

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Morocco renewed its commitment to the multilateral trading system, stressing the need to preserve its founding principles, including the principles of consensus and equity.

Ambassador Omar Zniber, Permanent Representative of Morocco to the international organizations in Geneva, confirmed his intervention during the annual informal ministerial meeting on reform of the World Trade Organization in Davos. Morocco calls for reform of the system in the spirit of consensus that prevailed during the Conference of African Ministers of Trade in Cairo in December 2018. Multilateral trade in order to improve the purposes set out in the WTO Agreement, taking into account the changing context and rare spirit of triumph of international cooperation that prevailed at the historic conference in Marrakesh in 1994.

Mr. Zniber noted the importance of a more flexible approach, especially in the current tense context, to consolidate the foundations of the multilateral trading system and to exploit the opportunities offered by the fundamental changes in the world economy, with smooth structural changes for all members, particularly Africa.

The Ambassador of Morocco stressed the need to take into account the interests of developing countries, particularly African countries, in the context of the multilateral trading system and its specificities, stressing the necessity and importance of the relevance of this system to global economic realities.

The Ministerial Conference, which was attended by about 40 countries, launched several calls to accelerate the ongoing negotiations to support the fishing sector with the activation of the dispute settlement system, which is a focal point in the work of the WTO.

Delegations also stressed the need to resume negotiations in agriculture and e-commerce, which were becoming increasingly important in international trade.

This meeting took place in a complex international context and against the background of the prevailing debates on the reform and future of the World Trade Organization.

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