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Death of former Prime Minister Abderrahmane El Youssoufi

Former Prime Minister Abderrahmane el Youssoufi died in Casablanca at the age of 96. Abderrahmane el Youssoufi, born March 8, 1924 in Tangier, is a Moroccan statesman. He was Prime Minister of the 26th government of the Kingdom, called “alternation government”, from March 14, 1998 to November 6, 2002.

In January 2019, El Youssoufi presented his memoirs which retrace his militant journey for nearly eight decades during a tribute ceremony. For the former Prime Minister, these memories are “an opportunity to meet and recall the national values ​​and the lessons of militancy drawn from the sacrifices of generations of Moroccans, both in the institutions of the State and within society, since the creation of the national movement in the 1930s”. It is only part of the country’s contemporary history, he said.

In tribute to his journey, an avenue bears his name in Tangier. This royal gesture is above all “a tribute to a child from Tangier, to a great figure in the national movement, and to a statesman”. When he left the government, outgoing Prime Minister El Youssoufi received the Grand Cordon from the Wissam Al Arch, the highest badge awarded by the Monarchy.

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