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Decathlon: France renounces the Hijab, but not Morocco

Decathlon finally gave up marketing the “hijab running” after the heated debate in France. “This product will not be marketed in France until further notice. But it is marketed in Morocco,” said the communication director of Decathlon Xavier Rivoire.

This decision was taken following the numerous messages of indignation on social networks and the calls for boycott expressed by politicians. Several French people have indeed expressed their anger on Twitter and accused the brand of large sports distribution to promote radical Islam and marginalize women.

Marketed in Morocco, the “hijab running” knows an undeniable success. On the official page of Decathlon Morocco, several Internet users have applauded the initiative of the sports brand.

Several Moroccan women have also called the brand to market other sports products for veiled.

Remember that this new accessory for runners wishing to cover their head and neck during their activities is available in black and white and costs 79 dirhams.

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