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Decrease in the prices of fuel by the beginning of the new year

Lahcen Daoudi, Minister Delegate of the Prime Minister in charge of Public Affairs and Governance, said that the prices of hydrocarbons in Morocco should be known a new reductions starting from January 1, 2019, according to the data available to the ministry.

The official said in a statement, the new declines in Moroccan markets will range between 27 cents to 29 cents in gasoline and gas. These declines are expected to extend for the first 15 days of January 2019.

Regarding the decision of the Ministry of Governance to pass the rules of roofing fuel prices, Minister Daoudi stressed Guerraoui, Chairman of the Competition Council, in order to provide the Board’s opinion in this file before the implementation.

The spokesman added, in response to the refusal of fuel companies active in the sector to clean the fuel, that his ministry is waiting only the opinion of the Competition Council, and that “this decision has popular support and can not stand against anyone.”

The minister pointed out that his ministry will continue the process of consultation with the actors in the sector, despite the entry of the decision to roof the prices of fuel, in order to identify the problems that could face the oil companies in Morocco.

The competition council started last week following the renewal of its structure under the chairmanship of Driss Guerraoui in holding meetings with trade unions and economic actors. The first was to receive the leadership of the Confederation of Democratic Labor to discuss the high prices of hydrocarbons in the Kingdom and the repercussions on the cost of living.

A delegation representing the National University of the Owners and Traders and the facilitators of the petrol stations in Morocco held a meeting with the Chairman of the Competition Council and an integrated file was handed over on the problems they face with the oil companies.

It is expected that the Competition Council will continue its series of meetings with various actors, before issuing an opinion on the subject of roofing fuel prices; the opinion that will be adopted by the Ministry of Governance in the implementation of its decision, which caused a lot of tension between companies and government.

The chairman of the Competition Council has already acknowledged, in a statement, that this file is “very sensitive,” but stressed that “its treatment in the Competition Council will adopt a new approach of broad listening to all concerned actors to request opinion in order to crystallize an opinion trying to take into account all aspects of the problem and all The concerned parties from professionals, trade union centers, consumer rights organizations and ministers concerned with this issue.”

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